New! 5778 (2017-2018) Season Subscription Plus 5778 Hakhel Shiurim


Product Description

MP3 subscription only. For CD’s please contact

Rabbi Reisman’s weekly shiur will resume on October 14, 2016. This year Rabbi Reisman will be continuing Sefer Shoftim whose timeless message is so relevant in our days.

You too can join the hundreds of live participants by purchasing a season subscription of MP3 downloads. Each week you will receive an email with a link to the prior week’s shiur. MP3 subscriptions offer a significant saving off the regular price as well as CD’s. The season extends from Parshas Bereishis until Shavuous.

Add-On Special: We are offering our subscribers the 5778 Hakhel shiurim (Sefer Malachi) a total of 8 shiurim to be given by Rabbi Reisman on secular holidays, for only $32.

Once purchased you will receive a confirmation email as well as weekly emails with a link to the prior week’s shiur or the prior Hakhel shiur. All MP3 downloads will be available in the “My Account” section of our web site. There you can view previous orders as well as download any missed files.

Its never too late to subscribe, new subscribers will receive links to all the shiurim they missed.